My family went to Greer last week. Geer is located in the White Mountains of Arizona, it’s about a 4 hour drive from Phoenix. It’s beautiful, green, and lush in Greer.  The average weather is 75 degree farenheit and the elevation is 8,500 ft.

We stayed at the Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins, where you can rent large cabins near The Little Colorado River.   The best thing about Greer Lodge is that all the amenities are included in the price. Some of the free activities include biking, kayaking, fly fishing, bird watching, sledding, and snow tubing. You can check out board games and movies free too!

The wildlife is abundant in Greer, Greer actually has the largest population of Elk in the nation.  You can also spot Deer, Bald Ealges, Foxes, Coyotes, Raccoons, Horned Owls, Osprey Hawks, and even Wild Turkeys.

Visiting Greer is now a family tradition for us, we are actually planning to go back this September.

If you are looking to escape the heat, Greer is the best place in Arizona to visit!



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  1. teresa fuentes 1932 days ago

    thanks for sharing, it looks so calm and beautiful

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