Hi, I’m Saundra, I currently live in the “Valley of the Sun” Mesa, Arizona.

I have one child, my daughter Genevieve.  My mom has been living with me as well for the last year and half.  It’s been really nice having my mom living with me and the girls enjoy the time with their grandma.

I love animals. I have four cats and a dog in my house so sometimes my living room looks like the Serengeti. Only one of the cats and the dog are mine; one cat is my sisters and the other two cats are my moms.

I also love the outdoors and like to stay active. I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, dancing, biking and sometimes I’ll go for a walk or run. I’ve never really been into sports though, I was never good at them.

Besides traveling, some of my hobbies are learning Japanese, making jewelry, crafts, cooking, learning new things, reading, and shopping on Amazon.com.  I also enjoy photography and videography, but I’m still an amateur.

Some other things I enjoy doing but are a little bit odd for hobbies are bargain hunting, process improvements (Thinking Lean), creating budgets for friends and family, organizing (not the OCD kind),  planning trips, and just being resourceful. I also I try to volunteer a couple times a year with my family.  It gives the girls the opportunity to pay it forward and feel good about it.

I’ve been wanting an outlet to express my creativity and share my travel experiences. Sure there is facebook and twitter, but my posts would only get lost in the sea of other posts. Creating this travel blog was the perfect answer.  You can expect to see many things here.  I will post about my travels, my hobbies, deals I find, advice, and things from my day to day life.  I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Lonnie Stinnett 2038 days ago

    Hi Saundra,
    I saw your picture on a modeling website. I noticed in your blog that you didn’t mention anything about modeling. Are you still active in this? I am trying to open a modeling agency and was woundering if you have any thoughts, advice or anything else.

    • Hi Lonnie, no i’m not modeling right now. Maybe in the future if the right opportunity comes a long.

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