I decided to make a videos of my trip to Tokyo with my mom.  I think I will mix it up, some videos and some photo galleries.

In this video I added in all the photos and videos for that day running around town.  We walked to the Garden from the station so there are some pictures from of the neighborhood.  The 1st photos are from just outside the station we found a walking path of Cherry Blossoms and even caught a glimpse of an Egret.

Chinzan-so Garden, is located in a historical and scenic part of the city. The area, also known as “Camellia Mountain”, was the estate of Prince Aritomo Yamagata, a well known politician and state man during the Meiji Era(1868-1912).  He loved the Camellia flower so he named his manor “Mansion on Camellia Mountain”.  The Mansion was the site of important government meetings and conferences of which Emperor Meiji was a participant. Later, Baron Heitaro Fujita commissioned the construction of historic monuments and also developed the beautiful grounds.

The Chinzan-so Garden covers an area of approximately 66,000 square meters is rich in historic remains and artifacts, all relics of the past.  Many of the artifacts were transported there from all over the country.

Chinzan-so Garden is actually part of the Four Seasons Resort, you have to actually walk through the hotel to get to it.  There was no problem going in, everybody was very polite.  I do have to say, the Four Seasons resort was very lavish, I felt like I just stepped into a palace!

Making the trek to the garden was well worth it.

Near the end of the video are some of the photos and video we took of the oncoming Typhoon.  It was pretty exciting to watch form the 47th floor of the Caretta building!

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