My mom and I went to the Ghibli Studio Museum in Tokyo. We were not allowed to take photos inside, unfortunately. So I took photos of the outside area and the nearby park.

Inside the museum were several old fashion movie reels playing clips of some of the Ghibli anime.  There were several different carousels with figurines, each with a slight movement.  When the carousel turns on they all appear to be moving.  It was very cute.  A few differant rooms with movies, figurines, and boxes with movie scenes made of paper.  There was a long hall with posters from the movies.  The biggest attraction was the CAT BUS! I loved the cat bus I wanted to go jump on it too!  I think I was too big for the cat bus.  =(

In the center on the 2nd floor was the gift shop and man it was like black Friday in there! Minus the anger. haha!  I spent probably too much in the gift shop, but come on it was the Ghibli Studio Museum in Japan!  I had to live in the moment.

We had hot dogs for lunch.  The dog was more like a polish sausage and the bun was freshly baked.  I love that about Japan, if there is bread being served, it’s always freshly baked.  There was no mustard or ketchup, just relish.  I hate relish, but I tried it, and well Japanese relish is pretty good!  We also had ice cream for dessert, couldn’t pass that up!

After lunch we went to Inokashia Park next to the museum.  The Cherry Blossoms were just beginning to bloom. It was still so pretty.  You can’t really tell from the photos, but there were mostly women and children at the park.  A large portion of wives are stay at home moms while the husband works all day.   You might also notice there were dozens of bikes parked in there.  That’s very common in Japan. Bike bike bikes, everywhere.  I like the idea though, it’s a great way to stay fit.  =)

Afterward we went back to the hotel to rest for a while before heading out to dinner. Mom was out like a light, I had to wake her up and drag her out to dinner!  We went to a Tempura restaurant near our hotel at the Caretta Center.  It was so good, but then again, any food in Japan is good.

If you notice in the video there is tempura fish?  Well…it was not originally going to be a fish.  It was EEL!  The chef came over and showed my mom what they were going to cook for us and if it was ok.  haha! My mom was startled to see a whole eel in the basket!  It was funny, she was shaking her head saying uh uuuh.  So our waitress was nice enough to suggest Whiting, a common fish served in Japan.   We had some wine and chatted with the waitress in Japanglish, it was a very good day with my mom.

These are moments we will both cherish.  Love you mom!

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  1. Really cool video… What did pick up in the gift shop… You need to put together a video of that.

    I love cherry blossoms … Especially when there are so many of them blooming at the sametime…

    You’re really lucky to get to experience this with your mom… Memories are truly one one of lifes true blessings…

    Great job :)


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