On August 4th & 5th my family and I took a trip up to Sedona.  Sedona is one of my favorite places in Arizona, I can’t stay away for long.

We hiked up Bell Rock and played in the water at Oak Creek.  Except for Genevieve she doesn’t really like hiking….and she doesn’t really like people.. hurm…but she really enjoyed her new phone.  haha

At Oak Creek there are several areas to camp for the day.  You can go into the first area where we were, or walk further east along the trail.  You can find a nice spot to rest and not feel crouded, although the parking lot gets packed quickly.  If you just wait in line, they will let you in once a car comes out from the lot.  It’s aprox $9.00 per car, but you could park down the street and walk there, its a little less to enter.  I personally prefer to drive in.

At Bell Rock, there are two parking lots, the one we parked at is probably a mile walk from Bell Rock.  It is a nice walk, if you enjoy walking and nature.  There is a closer parking lot that is a hop skip and a jump away from Bell Rock.  I can’t find the names on google, but if you want to skip the long walk, look for the parking lot just north of Bell rock on the East side of highway 179.


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