Good Morning from Tokyo it is 9:00 am Thursday, I have had my one cup of Japanese hotel coffee, but could still use some Starbucks. :)

Today we are off to Asakusa which is an old, more traditional Japanese city. We are specifically visiting an old temple there called Senso-ji, aka temple of the Asakusa Kannon. It is also the oldest temple in Tokyo. In 628, according to legend, two fisherman caught a small statue of the goddess of mercy Kannon in the River Miyato. When all attempts to return the figure to the water failed, the two presented the mysterious find to their overlord. He had a hall built, the forerunner of the present temple. Just how closely the spiritual and material are interwoven can still be seen by visitors who pass the wind and thunder god and through the mighty Kaminarimon South Gate and beneath the mighty red lantern which we will pass under today. This is now called Asakusa Shopping street.

If you would like to know more about this temple visit the link below.

~Saundra and mom

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